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A marketing strategy will help you identify your best customers, understand their needs and implement the most effective marketing methods.

The internet has transformed business marketing. No matter what you do, the internet is likely to be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Social media is firmly established as a marketing tool. Having a presence opens up new lines of communication with existing and potential customers.

Good advertising puts the right marketing message in front of the right people at the right time, raising awareness of your business.

Customer care is at the heart of all successful companies. It can help you develop customer loyalty and improve relationships with your customers.

Sales bring in the money that enables your business to survive and grow. Your sales strategy will be driven by your sales objectives.

Market research exists to guide your business decisions by giving you insight into your market, competitors, products, marketing and your customers.

Direct marketing can be a highly successful way to generate sales from existing and new customers. Find out how to target them in the best way.

Exhibitions and events are valuable for businesses because they allow face-to-face communication and offer opportunities for networking.


Favourable media coverage can bring a range of business benefits. But how do you attract the attention of editors, broadcasters and journalists?

How email verifiers increase the success of email marketing campaigns

Email verification techniques can be used to reduce the number of email bounces. They clean up your mailing list by filtering out spam and invalid addresses to maintain the integrity of your mailing list. But many email professionals don't know how to check email addresses.

There are several methods for validating email addresses. Some of them require in-depth knowledge of email:

  • Send email from a different, dummy address. This is an extremely simple and moderately fast solution. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and then send a test email.
  • Use an email verification tool. In many cases, this is the best way to check an email address. This is an especially popular option for casual email marketers and those who send a lot of emails. The email validation tool automates the process of validating email. All you have to do is submit your mailing list.

Email is an important method of business communication that is quick, affordable, and easy to reproduce. It offers many benefits to businesses as it provides an efficient and effective means of transmitting all types of electronic data.

What is an email verifier?

Email verification is a service that detects possible spam traps and other email address inconsistencies before they are flagged by ISPs or email service providers (ESPs) and cause irreparable damage to your reputation.

An email address verifier or email checker is a tool that cleans up old or invalid emails from your mailing list. Submitting unverified email lists will result in a high bounce rate and possibly the blocking of your ESP email. The goal is to maintain a good reputation for your email by increasing the speed of delivery of your campaigns.

Email address checker helps you ensure your contact list is accurate and free of errors, that your email addresses are active and that they belong to the people you want to contact. It also prevents your emails from being flagged as spam, your sender rating being reduced, or your IP address being blocked and blacklisted.

Benefits of email verifier tools

Email is still a vital part of the way we communicate and do business. It is the primary means of communication between offices, and it works especially well for your overall digital marketing campaign.

Smart marketers know it's important to get valid email addresses to expand their networks, reach consumers who will promote their business, and increase their chances of acquiring leads. A confirmation email will help you with this.

Here are the main benefits of email verifier tools:

  • Avoid email bounces. These are the biggest issue with any email marketing campaign. Continuous rejects degrade the authenticity of your email account and the quality of your domain. Your email account may even be listed as spam by email service providers and end up being blocked.
  • Better sender reputation and email deliverability. Every email account has a Sender Reputation Score, which helps the recipient's ESP determine the quality of the email. The higher the score, the better the email deliverability and vice versa. If you frequently send emails to invalid or spam email accounts, this may result in the suspension of your email account.
  • Get the best results from your email campaign. The larger your list, the higher the chances of email bounces. This will ultimately affect the effectiveness of your entire email campaign.
  • Avoid wasting time and effort sending email messages to invalid addresses.

What is the process of using an email verifier?

The first step when using an email verifier is to check your mailing list for spam traps. That identifies any issues and possible problems before they're caught by ISPs or ESPs. The next step is to check the format of your emails. Once those two steps are complete, the next step of the process is domain verification. Finally, the process of individual mailbox validation can be completed.

What to consider while choosing an email verifier

There are several key considerations when choosing an email verifier. You should look for:

  • speed and accuracy
  • data security and GDPR compliance
  • whether any additional features are included in the plan
  • whether there is a free plan or trial period
  • pricing


Using email with a comprehensive verification process built in allows you to channel your energy and money where it will do the most good.

This is another tool that you can use to make your marketing and client plan more compact and efficient. You focus on growing your business and your postal service will take care of the rest.

Email verification is a service that identifies possible spam traps and other inconsistencies in email addresses before they are flagged by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or Email Service Providers (ESPs) and cause irreparable damage to your reputation.

Email verification tools scan your email list and use many different checks to remove invalid or dangerous emails. The end result is better deliverability than before and protection of your mail server's reputation.

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